Your favorite distraction (nefarious) wrote,
Your favorite distraction

hooray for snow

I was getting pissed off at it just being cold, and not snowing. Finally, redemption. It was cool to see the first snow of the season, however brief. I'd give you a link to the snowman songs from "Cannibal: the musical", to celebrate, but I don't have any webspace :/

Maybe I'll set up my old computAr as a webserver from home.

Speakeasy called me and said that I needed to pay my DSL bill. Apparently, with DSL, you pay for the month ahead of time (i.e. my bill for december was due december 1st. What's up with that? Can someone else w/ DSL chime in, and report on their payment setup?
I must call the billing department today.

In other news, I'm still sick, though improving enough each day to barely notice a difference. It's like my body turned 21, and decided to let me know that I'm an old bastard, now.

I signed up for pat's diplomacy game. It should be interesting, but I always feel a little anxious before "competition", even when friendly. Perhaps it was ingrained in me, due to my dedication to sports until high school. I tend to be a sore loser, which makes me feel bad, because I always consider myself to be gracious, rational, and in control. I'm sure it will not be a problem with this game; it's not that intense.

That's pretty much it.
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