Your favorite distraction (nefarious) wrote,
Your favorite distraction

Dear Winamp Randomizer,


I'm afraid I don't want to be together anymore. We've had some good times together, sure, like that time when you played the same song over again out of the over 3000 I had in my playlist. I also can't stop thinking about how you seem to loop through the same 500 songs and that there's a large possibility that there are at least a dozen songs that have been on my queue for over 4 years which I have not yet heard. You really know how to keep things exciting like that. I thought these days might be over when you changed into version 5 of your dress, but you're still the same old stupid bitch inside. We've both tried a lot of possible solutions to this problem, like randomizing our playlist and playing it randomly, re-queuing all the songs repeatedly, and prayer. In spite of all these efforts, I've still heard "River of Bass" by Underworld at least 5 times in the last 2 days. Not that I'm complaining about that; it's a sweet song, but I wonder how many other totally sweet songs I haven't heard in 6 months?

In summation, fuck off, and I send this file in order to have your advice.

p.s. you can have the kids.
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