Your favorite distraction (nefarious) wrote,
Your favorite distraction


I made a 'real post' earlier, but then Paul made me realize that I don't make real posts, so I put a line through everything that didn't fit in with my journal. Thanks Paul! Feel free to enjoy the bit that was considered salvageable.

I'd like to know if anyone feels safer now that saddam is captured, because Georgie Boy says we should!

I have been shivering in my boots the whole time I knew he was out there, only half a world away. I'm sure he had my life in his hands constantly. Maybe he took pity on me as a poor ignorant american and decided to spare my life during one of those important meetings of the terrorist leaders he held inside the spider-hole.

I love how the biggest stories being pushed are how much safer we are now, and how happy the Iraqis are (we're so good at knowing how they feel about everything!), instead of WTF the WMDs are, now that we have someone who would definitely know where they at least were if they did exist.

p.s. I love how the semagic client spellchecker considers 'wtf' a valid word.
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