Your favorite distraction (nefarious) wrote,
Your favorite distraction

into the sea, you and me. all these years and no one heard.

Last night I got a surprise birthday party which delivered tremendous kicks. I wish I could make the evening into a pair of pants.

Items I am now missing:
all my money (I want to spend all your money!~!1)
half of my shoelace
my affinity for alcohol
one of the holes in my belt

Items I acquired at some point:
a lovely print from paul. I heart you!!!!!!
teh love
a taco????
two and a half socks

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, you interweb people. And as for you, patrick and jag, you can't plan my downfall so easily! I am so going to stab you guys with a hammer the next time you're within range.

oh, and to my wife: you are very sneaky. I was pleased by the surprise. Perhaps I will stop the beatings for the next week?
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