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deliver to me the girl with dulcet tones

Sometimes I forget that livejournal isn't (entirely) a spectator sport.

Things that I have done lately that may warrant inclusion in a post:

I accidentally hit a goose with a golf ball on my second shot while playing a par 4. and let me tell you, I hit the fuck out of it. I was scared to go take my next shot, as there were dozens of other geese around the now hella pissed off one, but I persevered without engaging 'teh brids' (I did not, however, salvage par. I think hitting brids is a 2 stroke penalty).

I floated (I use the term loosely as I managed to capsize my raft twice) down the Yakima river and used a huge water cannon to terrorize small children and any other living things within range. At times I also attacked sticks, rocks, grass and the river itself.

I helped successfully identify and confine a port 135 broadcast storm at work that was taking everything down. I knew something was up when my cube-mate was all 'My computer locked up and my hub's utilization is peaking. :'(', so I did a packet trace and saw a bunch of screwed up stuff, and was all like 'lols'. Then a few of us got together and figured it out. We isolated the offending boxes and everyone was like ':D!!!!1'. I know that one wasn't very exciting, sorry.

Before I leave, I want to ask everyone's opinion on something: Do girls have junk? Or, more accurately, can a girl's junk be referred to as junk?

I say yes, but apparently there are people out there who disagree. What do you think?
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