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Last weekend I got to see Tom Jenkinson project his godlike talents through his 6 string jazz bass, many splitters and synthesizers, out of the speaker banks and right into my face. It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to, though I'm sure a lot of people were disappointed that he freestyled a lot and didn't just play tracks straight off the album (or perhaps by the strobes and fog). I did have to deal with the 2 girls in front of me that were trying to freak dance all night, but seemed to only succeed in performing the classic 'stand on my fucking toes all night' dance. Tom played until the end, and I managed to get a handshake from him before he ran away. Hooray! Bill and I also managed to score a complete blackout many times over on Hipster Bingo! Lest I forget, Luke also rocked the house with aplomb. He was playing all the warp records goods, and they were tasty.

Afterwards, I proceeded to the hella lame after party where for the low price of 5 greenbacks I got to see a bunch of gay ravers on E dancing and examining flashing lights. It wasn't any fun, but I had to see if Luke and Tom were going to show up.

I'm very excited about Melissa getting here soon. She's really nice to me, even when I let work stress me out. We fight sometimes, but it's usually about food so that's okay. She's always right anyway.
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