Your favorite distraction (nefarious) wrote,
Your favorite distraction

excerpt from

so those are teh parts of yuor computar. yuo should famalaiarize yuorself with them NOW. do not touch any parts though because they can shocks yuo. EVEN WHEN YUOR COMPUTAR IS OFF!!!! electtircity is stored inside teh cirtuits and shoots around like littal retards until yuo touch them and then yuo have electricityey inside yuo!!! and then it runs around inside of yuo, shocking yuor inside body parts until yuo die, then it goes into teh coffen, then the ground, and then it electrocutes trees and when it rains trees shots teh electrciity into the clouds who shots it back as lightening and the lightening goes into power plants and they powar plants turns lighteningning into electricitey and shoots it into compuatrs AND TEH CYCAL OF LIFE CONTINUES1111111
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