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morning dose of rambling

Last night I accompanied Jon on an adventure to Ikea. That store is seriously crazy. It's 1 big hallway running through a store the size of costco. After Jon bought a coffee table, we went to Azteca, where he graciously paid for my dinner. I'm so poor, right now. We agreed to go out to lunch later this week, so I could pay him back.

It was fun to hang out, Jon and I have a lot of fun, our senses of humor seem to fit. After he dropped me off, Nikki strung some christmas lights and I played some midtown madness 2. I beat the game about 2 weeks ago, but I still play it alot. My current goal on the game is getting onto the roof of as many buildings as possible. Usually this involves jumping from open drawbridges, or climbing them if one of the walls is angled. It's great fun.

My birthday is fast approaching(12/10). I can't decide wether or not to have a birthday party. If I did, I wouldn't want it to be a gift party. Since this will be my 21st, my mom keeps talking about alcohol poisoning. If she only knew. I guess one good thing about being one of the oldest people in my group of friends, is that I'll be able to go out to bars with them on their birthdays. I don't see myself going out to bars a lot, the biggest thing will be the ability to see any concert. Hooray!

In other news, I've been re-reading one of my books on Einstein, which is mostly information about the Special & General theories of relativity (of course), as well as the gravitation/inertia and unified field stuff. It kind of makes me want to go to college.. All of those job tests throughout school said I should be a scientist. I still feel like my mind is open to learning a lot. Maybe I'll just take a few credits, and make evan look like a lazy sack, by holding down a full time job and classes. Hehe. Ah well, there is work to be done.
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