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It is so hot outside my will to live is melting. It's kind of refreshing, in that 'omg' sort of way.

Departing Flight(s)
August 2, 2002
Continental Airlines 1780
12:51p Seattle (SEA)
8:55p Newark (EWR)
August 2, 2002
Continental Airlines 16
10:00p Newark (EWR)
9:30a Glasgow (GLA)

Returning Flight(s)
August 20, 2002
Continental Airlines 17
11:35a Glasgow (GLA)
1:55p Newark (EWR)
August 20, 2002
Continental Airlines 1881
5:05p Newark (EWR)
8:14p Seattle (SEA)

I am looking forward to this. If, a year ago, you were to tell me that I'd be doing this, I would have called you crazy. Flying makes me nervous; time to stock up on valium.

Additional: Adam has kindly offered to be my luggage for this trip, negating my need to purchase any. Now I only need a way to affix some sort of handle...
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