Your favorite distraction (nefarious) wrote,
Your favorite distraction

my alphabits are sending me secret messages: 'ooOOooo'

All times are changed to protect the truth.

5:45pm: start thinking of what to do tonight.

option 1: bubble tea with meena
option 2: dinner with gina
option 3: go home and have a relaxing evening, getting more than 6 hours of sleep [what?]
option 4: commit seppuku with a frisbee.

6:00pm: option 1 is out, meena is busy with studying for chem. Option 2 is out, gina is busy with girl talk. Option 3 starting to look good.. possibly a collaborative effort with option 4?

6:30pm: adam hacks me into having dinner with him. I didn't have a frisbee handy, anyway.

7:15pm: dinner with adam [a nice salad and some wine]. Adam convinces me to go to the rephlex concert.

8:30pm: get to I-spy for the show, not open yet. Go to the icon grill and sip a glass of tequila. I'd forgotten how much I like it.

9:00pm: go back to I-spy, start rawaking out to cylob [wasn't that impressed, though some moments were flip out worthy].

11:15pm: get tired, go back to work for a minute, then depart for the ride home.

12:15am: Remove any delusions of a normal night occuring from my brain. 3 miles from home, get accosted by people on the side of the road. Stop and see if I can help... They just got into town from montana, have a flat tire. They need a jack. and a night in detox (my observation). I don't have a jack and they don't have phone numbers to call. leave.

12:20am: think of the few fun times I've been stuck in the middle of nowhere.

12:30am: return with a jack, gloves, flashlight after picking them up from home. They don't have a spare tire. argh. [insert one of the ladies drunkenly blathering about how 'fruitless' she is, getting upset, etc.]. I offer to give them a ride into issaquah, to a motel (I'd rather not see these people on the road, with any number of good tires).

12:50am: arrive at motel, drop them off. Refuse obligatory offers of money, cigarettes, meth.

1:15am: arrive home.

Lesson: what the fuck. I'm going to sleep before anything else happens.
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