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do you have nuke defenses yet?

This one goes out to one of my most valued friends, yiyi. Happy 21st Adam. I have something for you, and for once it's not a nuke in total annihilation. We will party tomorrow night!

I just got back to work from the oral surgeon. During the course of the (relatively brief) procedure, a hammer was used. yes, the kind you pound unwanted neighbor kids with. That wasn't really what I wanted to see.
Observe me, not frolicking due to this:

If it looks like I have a bunch of gauze in my mouth, that's just me trying to contain my hate. that's all I want to type about that.

On a staggeringly unrelated note, I have a large cache of extra strength vicodin. Do I even need to say 'party at my house'?

p.s. I think janeane garofalo looked really good in clay pigeons.
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