Your favorite distraction (nefarious) wrote,
Your favorite distraction

measuring time in aprils

The tenacious d concert on thursday rocked all of the socks that I own(ed) into outer space, plus I got one of KG's picks that he threw into the crowd. Color me elite. The funniest part was some guy in a polo hat trying to pick a fight with me. I gave him a thumbs up and continued flipping out. Jables, rage and lee put on a great show.

Saturday morning consisted of me getting up at 2am to go fishing. It was cold, wet and muddy. It would have been better had my fellow fisherman contemporaries not stayed up all night drinking, and therefore passing out right after I arrived leaving me to pack all the gear up the hill to the camping site after I was done getting soaked and being cold.

Later on, the day was saved by wonderfully long talks and the rediscovery of why I built my computer (games). I exclusively played microsoft games yesterday, including midtown Madness 2, age of empires 2, and combat flight simulator 2. I think microsoft is the only company I've bought games from where I've liked each one enough to play through completely.

Sometimes I derive great pleasure from performing menial tasks such as cleaning or cooking breakfast. I'm not sure what that says about me.
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