Your favorite distraction (nefarious) wrote,
Your favorite distraction

I need to return some videotapes

recently, I've..

- passed 150000 miles on my car on the way home from Dante's on monday. There are too many instances of 'on' in there.
- had dinner with gina last night, it was fun and I found it intriguing.
- watched american psycho for the first time, with julie, dan-3, erinq, and aaron. Very funny, with a disturbing aftertaste.
- scheduled an argument.
- somehow set my clock one hour ahead between yesterday morning and today, causing me to get up at 6 and get ready without noticing until I turned on the computer.
- took a shower while the washing machine and dishwasher were running. it was fun!

Now you know as much about my life as I do*. hooray!

*Not really; I'll forget the list as soon as I hit 'post'.

From: koyote []

To strongbads that it may concern,

I find your ideas intriguing, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Craptastically yours,

Seattle, Wa
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