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hooray for turkey sandwiches.

I think the 4 day weekend did a lot of good. Thursday included 2 thanksgiving dinners, and Saturday featured one. I do not think more than half of the turkey was eaten at any of these gatherings. It seems so American... All I have to say is, turkey sandwiches kick ass. Don't expect me to be saying that in a week, but for now it's all good.

Now for a chronological run down of the weekend's major events...


I spent most of thursday eating, sleeping (hooray!!!!), and playing diablo II. It was so cool.


Friday morning was spent on the shore of the Skagit River, which was once the most "Alive" (measured by inhabitants per mile) river in the world besides the Nile. Alas, it was not alive with fish that morning, even with the rain that fell earlier in the week. My Brother, nephew and I moved on to other waters after a couple of hours, where we had more luck. :)

Friday night was fun, with movie night at at0m's haus. Highlights (besides X-Men) were crappy 80s industrial music videos and crappy (but good sounding) 80s/90s ministry music videos. A dash of the Marilyn Manson unauthorized biography DVD was thrown in, which rounded out the menu. Very funny stuff.


Saturday night was good, as well. There's nothing better than egg nog & rum, especially when you're watching South Park & playing cranium . That is a great game. It is very hard, but it is worth it, for the fun. I also got to borrow tapes of the Red Dwarf 10th anniversary marathon(!).


Sunday was spent with Jake (hadn't seen him in a while), playing Diablo II and watching red dwarf. After that, we watched battle bots. It was satisfying to become a TV slave for a while, it's so.. so not-upsetting. It just makes me feel like everything is ok. :/ damned media.


Now I'm at work. I really need to start working out again, and I am, tomorrow. It's going to be so crappy for the first few days after a week of respite and eating. bleh.. Oh well, it will be worth it, someday. :)

After reading Evan's post about livejournal users saying that it is unhealthy, I don't know. I think it could be, but it's all what you make it. If you pour yourself into it, and expect to get too much back, of course you're going to be disillusioned and frustrated. I use livejournal because I want my friends to know what's going on in my life, and to keep in touch with their lives, not because I need to latch onto something to make me feel better about myself.

I have great friends, that's what makes me feel good. I'm proud to know the people that I hang out with, sometimes I wonder how/why the hell they like me :P.
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