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State transition

Has anyone else ever had a seamless transition from a dream into sleep? 2 Night ago, I was having a dream about (dreams are wierd sometimes) the college football standings. During my dream, I was looking at a board with the standings, looking at all of the information about calculations that determine them, when I realized that I had woken up. I don't know where exactly it happened, that's the wierd part. I know I was asleep when it began.

Usually when I wake up, after my intial self diagnostics are done and my self awareness clicks in, I'll clear my head and let my senses "normalize" before thinking. This time I was suddenly just there. Has anyone else had such an experience? It was pretty cool.


Today has been pretty busy, I interviewed someone, and have been working on some documentation. I'm getting into Diablo II quite a bit, now. I'm starting to look forward to going home so I can play it. Damned games. Pat and I agreed that we should do something this weekend. I was thinking of inviting us over to adams place to hang with Bill. Bill, pat and I have a lot of fun together. Now I must go complete my work so I can go have fun.
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