Your favorite distraction (nefarious) wrote,
Your favorite distraction

my cold hasn't killed me, yet. Now I'm armed with holistic Chinese herbal cough medicine that tastes like j�germeister. hopefully it will do something (other than taste good).

Today at lunch, erin q and I were convinced that we were surrounded by aliens. Some scary old guy at another table was reading Creep Deformation: Fundamentals and Applications. I actually said 'wtf' when I saw that. Also, compared to the median age of the restaraunt patrons, we hadn't even been born yet. The sandwich was good, though. The fact that erin and I are completely out of it today has nothing to do with these observations, I assure you. I will now go back to salivating on my sleeve. I want to be ludo, except for waffles instead of rocks.

p.s. tell me about the fucking golf shoes.

.--. .-.. ... / -.. .. . / - .... -..-

update: as evidence of my mental capacity today, I just noticed that I put my boxers on backwards this morning. I suppose that's not as bad as putting a bra on backwards, though... uhm, not like I've ever done that.
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