Your favorite distraction (nefarious) wrote,
Your favorite distraction

Mardi GWAR was successful. so hilarious, kind of damaging though. The heel off of one of my boots is missing, my back is covered in bruises from being at the front of the melee, all the pot smoke made my cold relapse, and one of my shirts is forever stained by fake blood and other fluids(hooray!).

There are a lot of interesting looking shows coming up:
Actual Tigers 2.15 @ the tractor tavern
blackalicious (with a herd of other acts) 2.22 @ the moore (I'd love to see them, but how long will they get to play?)
death cab 2.22 @ the EMP
le tigre 3.14 @ the showbox (I'm so going to this)
there's also a band called 'bling bling' playing on 2.19 @ the back door ultra lounge!

update: an interesting tidbit, one of the acts playing with blackalicious is 'Saul Williams'... anyone recognize the name? Saul Williams was the name of one of the (many) main characters in the illuminatus! trilogy.
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