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Wallet Karma

I had dinner last night with my family. The peking duck was good, I think it was the AFLAC duck. My cousin is visiting from Alaska, it was cool to see him. I credit to him a lot of my creativity, he is a very interesting person to talk to. I talked to him about going up there next summer, and helping him on his fishing boat. Much fun shall be had by all, even though it costs as much to get to kodiak island as it does to fly to Japan( $300 to anchorage, $300 to kodiak island). I suppose it is worth it.

After dinner, I found some guy's bill fold at the gas station. I called him up, and he came down to get it while I waited there. He took it, and with a quick thanks, was gone. I admit to counting over $100 in the wallet, is it wrong that I thought he may give me a reward? It was in issaquah, perhaps I am expecting too much from people there.

How about a quiz: If someone recovered your wallet, would you give them a reward? How much?
I would give a quarter of the money in the wallet, or more, depending on the circumstances.

Hopefully now I have good wallet karma. :)
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