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in tacoland I want to stay

sdfgsf ASDFFSg

I think February needs to die thx. before it gets started and gets on a roll.

Last night, danny jinxed me into getting my car stuck in the snow for 2 hours, but he graciously offered to give me a ride to issaquah yesterday before that happened as retribution. wait a second... fucker. My back is sore from all the pushing and whatnot associated with unsticking a car. Time to cash in an IOU.

Movie night was top choice grade A fun time. I got to see the couch, but no touchy.

Working this weekend. usually I wouldn't be more than annoyed, but this time it's personal. If anyone wants to immobilize me with a jart or a javelin(a), or even toaster parts so I can stay in bed for another 3 weeks, let me know. wait, no. don't let me know, just do it. thx.

1,2,3 bye.
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