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I haven't been up before 9 in ages, it's exciting. I just did some bank stuff online. go me.

This weekend had good and annoying elements.

Shopping and hanging out with Erin Q
Seeing mich-eel at the thaiger room
Throwing water on at0m
Costco with evan, meena, aviva, and ann
Too much food with Brenna and Pat. Then GTA2. screw gta3. There, I said it. It's a completely different game than 1&2
Waffles for breakfast
Home cooked food

traffic (1.5 hours from issaquah to the U district.. 1/2 of that getting to the freeway on front street)
my mom's computer (winmodem, what's that?)
people being home and not able to chat
no dim sum

Yay for good outweighing the bad.

Things to do today:
1) Shower
2) Get a haircut
3) Go on a hike with my mothra
4) Pick my old car up from my old apartment parking lot and take it to my brothers to be donated
5) Return the 2nd modem in 3 days to best buy and buy a USR external. I fucking hate winmodems
6) Deposit checks
7) Find out when work expects me to be back, then laugh and tell them when I'm coming back
8) Dante's at 9

Now I know why I feel busy all of the time, I have a fuckload of stuff to do.

je ne suis pas une pamplemousse.
p.s. my friends are hardcore, how about yours? ;)
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