Your favorite distraction (nefarious) wrote,
Your favorite distraction

why do I feel so busy when I don't even have to work? It's stressing me out.

Earlier tonight Pat and I watched _snatch_ while enjoying some frosty beverages, then we went and got abhorrently unhealthy food at Denny's. I feel like I ate a brick. A brick would probably do less damage, actually. I was upset that Denny's didn't carry custard tarts. How do they stay in business? It was worth it to hang with a fellow quah survivor, though. QUAHMPTON 4 LIFE (possible tattoo?).

Plans for this weekend are materializing. Saturday is dim sum and possibly a camping adventure with at0m and ginUH. I love camping, and I haven't been since the end of August. Time to hit the hay.

Hand: 72.37% functional
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