Your favorite distraction (nefarious) wrote,
Your favorite distraction

and you guys were making fun of them...

Exotic Dancer Sent to Seattle Star Wars Lineup! - [11 January, 11:26 pm PST]
Yes, a stripper!! A radio station out of New York sent the dude sittin' in line for Episode II a stripper! M' lady Cassie of the Seattle Star Wars Society sends me this hilarious story over ICQ:

This might be newsworthy... a radio show in NY sent Jeff a stripper. They said, "Can we send you anything to make your stay a little easier?" and he said, "Uh... a stripper?" I thought it was right up your alley... LOL

I'm guessing there will be fanboy lineups all over the place now! But wait, it gets better.. there are pictures! Check out this little gallery I made below... scroll through them by pressing NEXT, but be warned, some of these may not be save for work or ..well, whatever. Enjoy.


Good work, Jeff.. Good work. ..and people thought Star Wars geeks don't get chicks, eh? Well they do! (one way or another)
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