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I've been really busy lately.. it's been draining me somewhat. I have had little time to do housecleaning in my head.

I do have some kick ass friends that make/help me do it :) Thanks.

Last weekend was spent in vancouver. It rained.. There were lakes on the roads in a lot of places. I got a flat tire, and I am utterly embarassed to admit that I had to call a tow truck because I couldn't figure out to how use the jack(it appears to be missing a piece). But, the trip was still worth it. I got to meet kat, which was fun. Danny, qcore, and I still had a lot of fun despite the environmental factors.

On sunday, I got the tenacious D CD for $16 canadian. Suck it, sony. Got a few other good deals too. I also got a parking ticket. fuck that, how was I supposed to know that you have to pay meters on sunday in canadia? I'll use it for rolling paper.

Oh! I almost forgot about the best part of the weekend... We were driving into vancouver on route 1 west, and this car pulling a mini-trailer pulls up alongside us. I was reading the cover on the trailer, trying to pronounce it. Mr. tube-ess-tee-ak.. mr. tub-ess-tee-ak? then I realized it said MR. TUBESTEAK and I almost exploded all over the car. We got a picture of it, which I will post as soon as it's up somewhere. The back of the trailer said 'Have Mr. Tubesteak cater all of your special events!'.
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