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Big american party was so great. Thanks to everyone that came, it was the best birthday-related celebration I've ever had. Special thanks to dan-3 and erin q for being cool, making sure I had a good time, and giving me a place to relax. I hope everyone had nearly/as good of a time as me.

Does anyone else get injured as much as I do when they drink? heh.. I have many bruises, I re-sprained my ankle somehow, and I got my pinky nail crushed in a door. I guess I do go kind of nuts when I am inebriated.

Tomorrow I have a lot of decisions to make. I was going to go to Dante's, but pigface is playing at the EMP. yes, I said PIGFACE!!. The show starts at 7:30, so maybe I could make it to Dante's late. I also had an invite to hang with an old friend. I guess needing to decide between these 3 things is a good problem to have.
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