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a nefarious review of The Orb & Juno Reactor

It was one of those November evenings. You know... The sky was grey, the air was cold, the candy ravers were out in force. Arriving at 6:30 by way of a ride from Pat, we waited in line, about 50 people back, expecting the doors to open soon for the 7:00 show. About an hour later, the doors opened and we tried to find a good spot.

I believe it was about 8PM when Alex Paterson came on and started spinning. He started sampling "little fluffy clouds" to start the show, which got the crowd started. After that he mixed some OK dance music, and a few reggae songs. The set was OK, about an hour long. My only complaint was that the sound system had too much upper-midrange bias, which hurt my ears.

Juno Reactor came on a few minutes later, and started jamming. They worked the crowd into a frenzy on some tracks, though I found the flawed sound system too painful and left the floor for a while. The played a really long set, too long, even if the sound had been good. After that, Alex came back and mixed it up again. Most of the people had left by this time. I grabbed a seat with a good view, and observed. I think they changed something with the sound, because it sounded a little better. My personal favorite was him spinning underworld (cowgirl) at like 50RPM. He sampled some stuff from "pulsating brain", but not enough for my ticket to say "The Orb" on it. I'd say his second set lasted for about 40 minutes, after which he turned off the music and bolted out of the club. I wonder if he always does that? It was kind of depressing... not only because I wanted more, but because the whole show would have been so much better if the sound had been up to par. And that's about it.
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