Your favorite distraction (nefarious) wrote,
Your favorite distraction

anyone want a roommate?

I'm thinking about moving back in with my parents for a couple of months to save money. Right now, I'm stuck in a self perpetuating cycle of constant near-debt..

You may be saying to yourself: I thought Tone-3 was a pimp sugar daddy high rolla. Well, sure, I pull down a fair amount of bread, but living alone in a 2br/2ba apartment has it's downside. My static expenses per month (rent, car, insurance, parking, phone, electricity, water, dsl) amount to $1815 +/- $50. That doesn't include food or gas. I need to do something to break the cycle, and the easist thing is moving to a cheaper place. I hate my apartment anyway, and don't do much there except for sleep.

I guess the main thing that's kept me from doing this is pride. I am/was proud that I only had to borrow money once from my parents after moving out when I was 18... after dropping out of high school.

I have been thinking of moving into some new place with roommates, but it's just impossible for me to save up enough money to do it in my current situation.

Ok enough of my petty troubles, there are plenty of people in more trying situations than I.

I am really happy that I have the kind of family where I can even consider this possibility.
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