Your favorite distraction (nefarious) wrote,
Your favorite distraction

Solex show and an SOS

The solex show was pretty cool. The last time I had been in a small venue was for Alex Patterson/juno reactor.. I really liked the more intimate setting. I talked to all the members of Dalek about the tour.. this was their first time on the west coast. They were interesting, kind of a hip-hop/noise group. Like a black atari teenage riot. Solex was great, I really liked their live stuff. They sound more like a 'band' live and less like samples and vocals. I might have to join evan in boycotting large venue concerts.

In other news, I am leaving work at 12 today to build a sang bag wall around my brother's house. The river is coming up, and will be in the house tomorrow if we don't do something. If anyone wants to help, we could use it. I can give rides/etc.
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