Your favorite distraction (nefarious) wrote,
Your favorite distraction

This last weekend was crazy.

Some highlights:
Pushing Ryan/getting pushed in a shopping cart home from the bar. Getting harrassed by drunk Irish guys... man that was hilarious. I also got into a mock fight with Pat.

Reed college is a very interesting place. We met some people that had been to the 'quah. It was wierd being at a party where I felt old. Maybe it felt wierd because we got there about 2-3 hours into the party, so everyone was already toasted. It was still fun.

I've been having wierd dreams lately, involving murder(!), large mutant spiders, and my sisthra. I wonder what has caused them?

In reference to Abel's party:
Can I get a bling?

Thanks to Ashley for motivating me to go. I was really tired from all the driving, and she gave me input on my last minute costume.
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