Your favorite distraction (nefarious) wrote,
Your favorite distraction

quick, quiet, confident
comfortable, permanent
undisputed every tense
not a trace of what went left
more equal than the best
unparalleled success

Fluke's 'Squirt' just came on as the background music for speakeasy support.

I've been pondering lately. Evan's post about the 9-to-5 planted a seed.
After watching office space last night, and having layoffs today(my job is secure), it's hard not to wonder what my life should be. I am almost sad that I wasn't laid off. That is indicative of something, no?

I pine for the simpler, more innocent days, fraught with drugs and laughter. Sure, it was unhealthy, but at least it was passionate and interesting. It's too easy for me to float through my days, not looking left or right, just ahead to the next situation. Enjoyment of life is replaced by comfort. I am too amiable.

I often reflect on how much I love my life, and romanticize it in my head. It feels like working should not be the main focus of my time. At least, not working for someone else/something I am not genuinely interested in. It's easy for me to type these words, but will anything change? I guess it's up to me.
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