Your favorite distraction (nefarious) wrote,
Your favorite distraction

Ah, sunday... without you, when would I be able to recover from saturday night?
Pr0pz to DannE for the idea and to Jon/Michael/DannE for the funding. Props to Jeff for the entertainment. Physical humour is a lost art.

Intriguing conversation:

Tone-3: I lurve sleep
Tone-3: it is my a-one friend
Abbie: Coo'.
Tone-3: not as close to it as at0m is though
Abbie: Adam is having an affair with it/
Tone-3: :0 yeah. I think it's date rape
Tone-3: he always tells it that he just wants to talk
Abbie: "You can leave whenever you want, babeee"
Tone-3: you've seen it too!
Tone-3: I remember one time, he got it drunk
Abbie: Man, Adam is so manipulative.. and unsuspecting, too! ..with those littal dreds, you'd never think he'd be that kind of guy.
Tone-3: it's all planned. no detail is left un-contemplated
Abbie: Pssh.. what a playah.
Tone-3: yeah, it sounded so innocent the first time he said 'soooooo tiiiired'
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