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Well, it was a busy-but-productive day at work. I feel like a dirty capitalist whore. I guess I am.
I had originally planned to go see requiem for a dream with bill & adam tonight, but those plans were dashed because of my bus dependencies. We are going to try to go see it thursday night, if anyone wants to go with us(!!!!).

I talked to Kim today on AIM, it was fun. Kim has previously been someone with whom I shared a similar relationship as me & Pat (I.E. I felt like we were good friends, but we never did anything outside of a group atmosphere). She told me about an unfortunate episode with an ex-friend, and I tried to give my perspective. I hope I did some good. I tried to convince her of the genius behind Pokey and JeffK, but I don't think I made much of an impact. :P

As for plans tonight, I think I will go work on my car, and perhaps get something to eat. I get paid tomorrow. HOORAY! I feel the need to play totala tonight, as well.

I will catch you on the flip side.
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