Your favorite distraction (nefarious) wrote,
Your favorite distraction

apartment adventure! and INTRIGUE!!!!!!

Yesterday, plans were for a sleepovAr with meesay and at0m. Since at0m was gonna be busy with his family until late, I headed over to melissa's apartment. She buzzed me in, and I went up to her floor. Apparently, I'm slightly dyslexic, so I got her room number mixed up, and knocked on the wrong door. I didn't get any answer, so I pondered trying to knob for about 30 seconds, then went ahead and did. The door opened and I saw some 'woman clothes' on the floor, so I thought I had the right place. I walked in and saw some guy's legs hanging off the end of his couch. I thought it might be mark so I looked around, until I figured out that I was in some stranger's apartment. I waited until a loud vehicle went by on the street, and then scampered outside, undetected. It was very odd, I felt so intrusive. Glad the guy didn't wake up.

Anyway, I found her apartment and the main events of the evening were:
Blake licking me
Blake jumping on me and licking me
Going to the broadway grill for a hand-dipped shake
Walking around, watching crazy people, buying 'Go Plastic' finally
Blake licking me some more
Watching hilariously stupid soap operas, south park and home star runner.
Going to Minnie's (missing abbie by minutes, doh)
Walking a lot more
Trying to sleep while blake licks me
Blake collapsing next to me because he is so dehydrated

It was a really fun evening. :) Thanks at0m and Meesay.
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