Your favorite distraction (nefarious) wrote,
Your favorite distraction

Can't go to school today

I've got a pain in the gulliver.
I've been developing a hypothesis lately.
I think at0m is a far-removed product of the 'tribble' genus. After years of inbreeding and radiation inspired mutations, tribbles evolved from a furry ball into biped form and are characterized by a love for depeche mode, the cure, and Tori. Their primary diet is taco bell and/or wood chips (whichever is closer), washed down with a hearty swig of flat mountain dew. Because of their slow metabolism, they are always tired, regardless of the amount of sleep they get. If you see one in the wild, keep a safe distance, as they are prone to biting.

I'm going to call the crocodile hunter and see if he will do a show on them.
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