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Take 1 part megaman X, 1 part tequila, and 1 part fishing. Take separately.

That's my recipe to a fulfilling weekend.
You have ordered the following items:

Squarepusher : My Red Hot Car (CD)
*** Advance Order: Expected Release Date May. 15, 2001
Bt : E.S.C.M. (CD)
Pink Floyd : 1980-81-Wall Live-Is There Any (CD)
Plug : Drum 'N Bass For Papa (CD)

Hooray! Picking up some things I've been missing for quite a while. I'm constantly disappointed by my CD collection. This happens whenever I don't buy new cd's for an extended period... perhaps someday I will have enough good music to be able to always be 'rediscovering' some of it.

In other news, Jon and I are going to e-mail carmack and ask him to let us do the voices for Quake IV.

Waah! Waah! Oh! Oh! Unnnhh!
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