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Well, I got up late and missed a meeting.. One of the hard parts of not driving is being at the mercy of the bus schedules. It now takes me about 1.25 hours to get to work, from the time I wake up. Of the 1.25 hours, 10 minutes are spent jogging, 10 minutes waiting for the transfer bus, and 50 minutes riding on a bus containing the following cross section of people:

10% People that have legitimate jobs in seattle
01% People that I would consider talking to
02% The bus driver that likes to see if he can make the people in the back hit their head on the cieling
40% People that smell of malt liquor or other "alcohol that is only good for getting drunk"
30% People that believe crappy headphones can be upgraded by turning it up really loud
15% Loud, annoying people that always ride the bus with their loud, annoying friends

This proves for some amusing, but mostly annoying, activity. I usually listen to my headphones, but with them being an "open" design for better acoustics, they do not block sounds from the outside environment. Some days I just want to flex my headphone amps muscles and make those crappy headphone users cry. :)

I guess I'm taking a departure from my normal tolerant self ;) Ahh I feel better now.
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