Your favorite distraction (nefarious) wrote,
Your favorite distraction


Hmm I'm kinda sore after helping Bill move yesterday. It was kinda fun though, probably the easiest move I've taken a part in. I attribute that to the lack of really heavy furniture.

Saturday was fun. Fishing was productive, 2 salmon in the boat. Nikki, of course, caught the larger one. 1.5 salmon now smoked. If anyone wants some, make a request before it's all gone. :)

Most of my friends fail to realize the value of smoked salmon, even the non-vegetarian ones. When I bring it to work, it is gone in less than 10 minutes, regardless of the amount. Damn ingrates!! :P

Speaking of work, work has kinda sucked lately. My team just completed a release, so I'm kind of drained from that. Someone got fired last friday, and other people are probably going down. I'm not one to judge the validity of the possible firings, it's just not what I'm used to from Aventail.

We are also implementing some changes as far as the 'easy going' atmosphere is concerned. Some people are taking advantage of it, so we must change. It's kind of sad.

Ah well, enough depression. I'm baking bread, it will be done soon! :D *chomp*
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