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last night

Last night was mucho-fun. Todd and Heather were ripping it up in the humor department, so I just sat back and absorbed the antics. We just screwed around for a few hours, and then Todd kicked us out very diplomatically (he jumped up on the table and pointed at the door).. it was actually very cool. :)

3-chelle and 3-lissa drove at0m and I to their apartment so 3-chelle could go to sleep, then 3-lissa, at0m and I continued on to denny's. We played paper football while waiting for our food, and at0m made a huge 'kick' which hit a guy playing the 'pick up the toys with the claw' game. He yelled at us, it was hilarious. All throughout our stay there he would randomly make faces at us from his table. I went over to his table and just said 'aaaaaaahhhhhh!' on the way out, I think he understood.

The next stop was at0m's haus. We went downstairs and watched south park episodes for about an hour with jon and the glove. Much fun was had by all, etc etc.. 3-lissa left around 1, then I went to sleep. Big thanks go to 3-chelle and 3-lissa for the ride, at0m for providing the movie (which was very interesting, I liked it), and todd for providing the venue. I lurve you guys. :D
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