Your favorite distraction (nefarious) wrote,
Your favorite distraction

I just realized something about the music I was listening to last night. In all of the songs I posted about last night, The female vocals are used as more of in instrument than for lyrics, in all of them except "let there be light" which is a beautiful song anyway.

What I mean is that they're using their voices to create sounds that convey the emotions they want. I find it much more authentic... anyone can read/sing lyrics. In these songs, you can feel what they want you to feel, regardless of what language(s) you understand.

The only male singers I can think of right now that do that are Trent Reznor(a little), Bob Dylan, and Eek-a-mouse (reggae artist). I'd say that it would be accurate to extrapolate the generally accepted idea that most female bodies are usually a lot more appealing than most male bodies, to voices. Does that account for the huge disparity? Most of the music I listen to uses female vocals in some form, and I can only name 3 artists that use male vocals in somewhat the same fashion.

Maybe I'm just too doped up on nyquil to think straight?
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