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I had to whip out my Jack Off Jill(everyone's favorite shock-goth-grunge-angst girl band) CD on the bus today, that CD makes me laugh. Some of the lyrics are pretty good, though...
'Kid's sure like the devil these days, and I'm the devil with the black dress o-o-on'

They're not too goth to laugh at goths, which is good. At times the lyrics are pretty lacking, but it's fun music to listen to.

Today at work we have another 2 hour meeting, bringing this weeks total meeting time for me to 9 hours(including 5 hours in the last 2 days). The scary thing is that _I_ feel sorry for some of the other people here, who could make fun of me for only having 9 hours of meetings a week.

Jon got me hooked on the Lords of Acid again, the song I'm listening to now has to be the best happy 2B hardcore song ever. I'm going to go on a cdnow binge any minute now, I can feel it.
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