Your favorite distraction (nefarious) wrote,
Your favorite distraction


I only got 3.5 hours of sleep last night, but I feel surprisingly awake and energetic, even though I worked out today. My exercise regimen has increased my energy capacity quite a bit, I think.

This weekend was fun & lazy. I was going to work on my car, but found out the tools weren't there, so I stayed home. I played a lot of Kungfumadness, and slacked off, It was great. Later that night we went to Cullen & Sonya's new house (I used to work with them), in Kirkland. It was pretty nice. We watched Titan AE and drank a lot. I enjoyed the movie quite a bit, it was pretty funny, and some of the animation was excellent. I especially liked the focus effects it had.

Sunday was an all out partay extravaganza!!!!! Jon, and jake came over, and we made Fettuccini (yes, that's spelled right) A Pollo Marsala, with garlic bread and mushroom risotto. I like being able to make food like that, it makes me feel, it makes me feel.... like a natural womaaaaann. heh. (notice to children: Don't do drugs! It makes you crazy!!)

Anyway, it was really fun. After everyone left, Bill and I played Red Alart online and got totally owned. Playing the computer on Brutal on small maps is just insane. I'm convinced that it cheats, just like JeffK said! Bill and I both used STRATEGERY and INTRIGUE to the max, but we both died!

One more thing for the under 21 people that read my journal. I get to see Wesley Willis at the graceland, and you don't!! hahahahahahahahahahah
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