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Ahh friday, finally.

3 of my meetings have been cancelled today, only 1 left!!!!!!!!! Been doing a lot of work lately, my browsing time has dropped to a 6 month low this week, I'm sure. It has been on a constant downward trend ever since I left sierra. I'd like to think that it's because it's more interesting to work here. Since I'm working more and more, I'm compelled to believe it.

If you have ~30 minutes to kill, this is worth listening to a few times. It doesn't get good for about 5 minutes, but then it's 25 minutes of pure enjoyment.

NEW POKEY It's really good.

I'm trying to figure out if I actually want to use my website as anything except storage, to link to from here. I'll probably whip something simple together and see what happens.

What's going down this weekend? I'm free, though I may work on my car a bit.
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