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Been taking it easy at work lately, aaaah jeah. I found out that the localization company we were contracting to translate our product from english to japanese just folded, 1 week before they were scheduled to come on site and help us with testing. It's kind if funny, but it makes my life harder. (stop laughing). Anyway, This last weekend was fun. First was the holiday party, to which I wore a bright blue suit (I purchased a bright blue and a white suit, but I was unable to find a safari hat to complement the white, so I wore blue). Everyone liked it. To be honest, I looked dead sexy, even when I stood next to bill! Needless to say, all the hizz0s were hanging on me like flamers on an Ask JeffK column. There was much good food and stiff drink to be had, and had I did. :P Nikki had a cool black velvet dress, so I couldn't spend much time with the other womyns. :P The party was held at pier 66 (the odyssey), and they had a lot of cool exhibits like "Be a crane operator" or "Try to drive the tugboat (Which would have been cool if they had had the 520 bridge in the exhibit)". Well, Nikki and I left after a few hours, because our dress shoes were starting to hurt.

On sunday, we went to a monstar truck show at the tacoma dome!!!!!!! It was hilarious, there were so many people from kent there that I thought I was watching a COPS marathon. Plus the trucks were cool. They brought out an old boat (probably 18' long) for the trucks to run over, and one of the trucks did an 80+ degree wheelie for at least 100 feet, and the front wheels broke off when it came down. It was amazing. They also had some motorcycle racing (watching 2 wheelers try to race on slick concrete is funny), and the "tough truck" competition, where normal trucks race around the course. One of them flipped over, and the crowd went wild. It was great :) Such an amount of unchecked testosterone I have not seen in a while. Anyways, now I'm talking to Jeffr, trying to make plans for this week/end. It should be fun :)
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