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Hello all.

I took a vacation from all things online for a week, and it was refreshing. My only complaint is that I was sick during my whole 5 day vacation. I've been sick more since october than I usually am all year. Ah well, perhaps I will have an unusually long stretch of health, from now on.

I spent last friday night spewing drunken philosophy to Evan, I hope he found it amusing ;)

Saturday & Sunday were spent sleeping, except for a jaunt out to At0ms haus for movies and dinner, and some new years festivities, which involved some explosives. Explosives were really cheap this year, from the reservation. That made me happy.

Monday: Sleep & watching football.
Teusday: "
Wednesday: "

On a good note, my friend Ryan (no, not that Ryan) moved into the apartment. He needed a place to stay until he got a job and such. He's cool, and you'll probably all end up meeting him sooner or later. :)
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