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Weekend journal

It all started out on friday night. I was invited to go see "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" with Bill, Kim, Greg, Abel, Morgan, and AdamW at the neptune. I picked Bill up, we made haste to the theater. It was nearly sold out, and for good reason. That is an amazing movie, the audience roared at least 7 or 8 times after each amazing fighting sequence. Don't let me make you think this was an action movie, it was more a drama-action-romance-comedy movie, questioning the power and meaning of love. The last 30 minutes are the most gripping I've ever seen. I literally couldn't take my eyes off of the screen. AdamB and I agreed to go see it together.

I spent all day saturday splitting wood with my brother, about 4-5 cords worth of it (a cord is 128 cubic feet, or wood stacked 4 X 4 X 8, tightly enough "so a squirrel can't get through it", as my dad puts it). There's something satisfying about splitting wood. It's refreshing.

Sunday was spent getting 2 Xmas presents, as well as going to a christmas party at my aunts house. Afterwards, Nikki and I went 4X4'ing in the blazer, it was pretty fun. We had to get it 'tastefully muddy' in order to quell the snickers of the employees that work in the auto shop next to her work, seeing as they're giving her crap about having a clean 4X4.

Monday, I spent all day opening presents, eating alaskan king crab, prime rib, ravioli, and double decker carrot cake, as well as putting a pool table together (I had purchased one for my nephew). I also hastily sent in my dip moves at about 11PM. I received:

A down comforter (I love it already)
A baking plate (for baking!!!!)
a nice sweater
many other things that I can not remember.

My work here is done!
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