Your favorite distraction (nefarious) wrote,
Your favorite distraction


I feel really melancholy right now, but I have a few things to be happy about. One thing, I thought I may have broken my headphone amplifier last night, but it still works! That makes me happy. I'd be lost without it. All of my audiophile equipment has spoiled me. I'll never be able to listen to a system without searching the acoustics for problems, again. :/

I talked to the DSL billing dept. You do have to pay for a month in advance. What if they go bankrupt before december 31st? I doubt I'll see any money. One other rant about DSL, I called covad last week, and asked them about my rebate check ($198). He said "It will be there in 2-3 weeks". I mailed the rebate form on october 4th, and he sounded like he had just "approved" it or something, I wonder how long it would have taken, had I not called. Perhaps they do not send it, unless you call. It wouldn't surprise me, according to, many of the ISPs that buy bandwidth from covad aren't paying up/going bankrupt. Ah well, I still have broadband. hooray.
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