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This post is being brought to you, live, over the internet.

Last weekend I had many birthday surprises and each was more awesome than the last. The pinnacle of birthday delight was delivered by none other than seasecret and olsch who managed to get me not only to the Seahawks-49ers game, but on to the sidelines of Qwest Field during the game. I got to rub elbows with the 2 feet of air between me and the elbows of Shaun "I never meet a cutback lane I didn't like" Alexander and Matt "Fancy footwork for a white guy" Hasselbeck. Not to mention Paul Allen, Mike Holmgren and the rest of the Seahawks. In addition to this, I also got some bourbon and many other fabulous prizes.

During the game, there was a white-trashy guy a few rows ahead of us who was really into the game... REALLY into it!! He was on his feet the entire time, gesticulating to the point of spilling beer all over those around him. In short, he was hella awesome. He also came up with the best taunt-song I've ever heard at a sporting event:

I've got a girlfriend, and I hate that bitch
her name are the 49ers!!!!


Other notable events of recent memory include eating crepes and finally reuiniting with rasik and warrend for some of what I like to call "kicking it old style, y'all".

Nearly three months since my last livejournal post? How the boring-as-hell have fallen.

This is Tony Flint, signing off.
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