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What is the significance of the unicorn meat?
A. Could it be edible?
B. Raw meat is not very sanitary (or appetizing). Wouldn't it be better to cook it? (The ray gun is great for this sort of thing.)
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Would the horn be considered offal?
Can you say unicorn horn sashimi?

Or the horn could be shaped into a fork and steak knife with which you could eat said meat???
KEBABS. The guy comes with his own skewer.
This is the best idea ever conceived by humankind!

I desire unikebabs.
while listening to the unikelele
1) wtf are you talking about? am i out of some unicorn loop? that would be JUST WRONG.

2)sushi is raw and it's good. maybe unicorns are like sushi.

3)didn't someone drink unicorn blood in one of those harry potter things?